ComputerTips_Laiju: Windows Defender: How to Disable Windows Defender Antivirus Permanently

Windows Defender: How to Disable Windows Defender Antivirus Permanently

100% Working method to disable windows defender on any computer. using this method, you can disable windows defender permanently. no automatic enable after restarting. Follow this if you don't wish to use Windows defender antivirus on windows 10.

Windows 10 and Windows 8 is coming with free windows defender security. This Windows defender will update during windows update. This Windows defender is a very good antivirus feature from Microsoft. Because if anybody is not wishing to purchase an additional antivirus security, they can use this free windows defender. This windows defender antivirus is able to handle almost all virus infections properly. Windows defender will keep your computer clean and safe from hacker and from any other cyber attacker. 

How to disable windows defender in windows 10?

If you are wishing to use any other antivirus, You can disable windows defender manually in windows 10. Some antivirus like Kaspersky and Eset nod 32 will automatically disable windows defender during its installation.
If you just want to disable windows defender for temporary, you can do it through the control panel. But it will automatically enable after windows restarting. if you want to disable windows defender permanently, do it using gpedit.msc group policy editor. here we are disabling the windows component through regedit.

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