Photoshop Error. Could not save a copy because there is not enough memory (ram).

Photoshop Could not save a copy because there is not enough memory ram. Photoshop Can't Save Files as psd, jpg, png etc.
My computer have only 4GB ram. When i try to save files in Photoshop, it is showing low memory error. I'm not willing to add extra RAM on my laptop. How to fix Could not save a copy because there is not enough memory ram error in Photoshop without adding extra RAM?
You can fix this problem by changing some registry settings. You have to add a new dword 32 bit value for Photoshop physical memory. You have to enter the decimal value 16000. Watch the video to learn how to fix this problem.

6 Unique Laptop Table-Study Table

Here is 6 unique laptop table for different needs.

6. Portronics POR-704

5. Ebee Laptop Table

4. Tarkan Classico

3. MemeHo Laptop Table

2. Kurtzy Laptop Study Table

1. FWQPRA T8 Table for Laptop

These laptop tables are suitable for bed and near the sofa and it will provide more comfortable to use a laptop. The laptop cooling pad with adjustable height and angle are available. there are some laptop tables which will occupy very little space on the ground. You can use your laptop on them near the bed.

some model laptop tables can set to many custom posture. You can use them for multiple purposes.
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'This Content Is Locked' How to View Locked Content

'This Content Is Locked' How to View Locked Content.

How to reveal the locked content behind the social media follow button. There are many websites providing valuable contents and some website owners will lock some portion of the website for getting social media like and share. So if you want to view the locked content, you have to like their Facebook page or google plus page or share their post before reading the content.

Sometimes after sharing and liking their post, you will find that the locked content is not working or not useful for you.
So, here you can use this method to view the locked content on any website without pressing their social media button.You don't have to install any add-ons to view the locked content. Simply by viewing the html code you can view the locked web content by enabling display content using a tick mark. Watch the video to know how to view locked content from google chrome and mozilla firefox.

Right Click Not Working Windows 10 | Fix Right Click Loading Problem.

Right click taking more time to load? How to fix?
How to fix Right click not responding problem on windows 10. Mouse Right-click will take more than a minute to load. It will work in all windows including windows 8 and windows 7.

ShellExView 32bit:
ShellExView 64bit:

This windows touchpad right click loading problem is solving by disabling the unwanted application from the context menu. No need to play with registry settings. you can simply enable or disable these hanging apps from the right-click context menu. After disabling selected extensuons from right click context menu, restart your computer. After restart, your computer's right click will work instantly. Now you have to run this ShellExView again and enable them one by one. Only keep disabled the extension which shows the problem.
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Top 10 Laptop Backpack 2019-2020. Most Selling on Amazon India.

Top 10 Laptop Backpack 2019-2020. Most Selling on Amazon India.

Here I will sort some best laptops from Amazon India based on real customer reviews. 
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amazon basics:
Cosmus Atomic Dx:
GODS Ghost:
Harissons Dexter:
HP Express:
Killer Louis:
Lenovo B515:
Police Backpack:
Wildcraft Work Packs:

There are some laptops with the best anti-theft technology. These backpacks have strong material and good clothing, Consider the laptop size compatibility before made any bag purchase. Some laptop backpacks provide USB charging ports. Make sure they are secure and no possibility of short circuits.
You can use these laptop backpacks as a school bag/college bag. If there is much more space, you can use it as a travel bag also.
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These laptop backpaks mentioned here are selected by considering real customer reviews. They have good customer reviews. They have good demand on amazon india.
Please read the correct specifications before making any purchase.

Create macOS Catalina Bootable USB Flash Disk (Without Terminal)

How to create a bootable USB flash disk for macOS Catalina? Why should you create a bootable macOS installer disk?
Download: Install Disk Creator
This Bootable macOS Installer can be used for a clean installation of macOS Catalina. If your macOS is corrupted, if your MacBook is not booting, you can use this installer disk and you can easily do a clean macOS Catalina installation. You don’t have to look for a mac service center. You can save your time and money.
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This copy of the Install macOS Mojave application is damaged: Even After Correcting Time

How to fix Error "this copy of the install macOS Mojave application is damaged and can‘t be used to install macos"?
"This copy of the install macOS high sierra application is damaged and can‘t be used to install macos" This error will pop up during some mac os installation.

how to solve this error saying mac installation disk is damaged? This can be easily fixed by changing system date. If your MacBook system date and time are wrong, just correct it. After correcting the system date, you can continue the mac installation without any errors.