ComputerTips_Laiju: Windows 10 Not Detecting USB Devices [Solved]

Windows 10 Not Detecting USB Devices [Solved]

Not Detecting USB Devices?

Windows 10 Not Detecting USB Devices including USB Flash, USB Hard Drive, Printer, USB Mouse, USB Headset, USB Keyboard, USB Connected Phones etc.

How to Fix?
Try these methods..

  • Download the USB driver from Manufacturer's website and Install.
  • Connect computer to internet and update USB driver Online.
  • If your device was working before, Downgrade the USB device driver by browsing computer and finding corresponding old USB driver.

Here the USB Host Controller driver get corrupted and windows not detecting any devices connected to the USB Ports. In this example, this model laptop doesn't have windows 10 support drivers on manufacturers website. But all device drivers including USB driver was obtained from windows update.

One day this windows 10 started showing problem. Not detecting any USB devices. When I check the device manager, there was problem in USB Host Controller driver. I tried to update the USB device driver, but that doesn't fix the problem. Then I Manually choose the previous installed driver and the USB Port problem resolved. You can check the YouTube video.

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