ComputerTips_Laiju: @ key not working (Shift 2 - at key) Fix easily.

@ key not working (Shift 2 - at key) Fix easily.

@key Not Working Problem:
Can't type @ from your computer, ( when you press Shift 2, then you will get " symbol). In some computer if you press 'Alt'+'Shift', @ key will work.

Keyboard Layout:
There are two major English language computer keyboard layouts, the United States layout and the United Kingdom layout.
Both are QWERTY layouts. Users in the United States do not frequently need to make use of the £ (pound) and € (euro) currency symbols.
But they which are common needs in the United Kingdom and Ireland, although the $ (dollar sign) symbol is also provided as standard on UK and Irish keyboards.In Australia,
New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland and India, the US keyboard might also be used.

If you are using United State Keyboard Layout and your default input language is English UK, then some keys won't work properly. Specially the @ key will give a " symbol. It is very easy to fix this problem.

How to Fix @ key not working problem?
Just with some clicks in your control panel language settings, you can solve this problem.
1. Open control panel
2. open 'Clock, Region and Language' (on category view)
3. change keyboard and input method
4. change keyboard
5. chose default input language as 'English United State'
6. if you don't have English United State, press add button to add that Language.
7. remove any English United Kingdom language if you have.
8. restart your computer.

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