ComputerTips_Laiju: Fix: Touchpad Mouse not working on Laptop

Fix: Touchpad Mouse not working on Laptop

Enable touchpad mouse easily.!!!!
Touchpad not working on Laptop? Your Laptop Mouse not working?
This video will help you to solve the problem.
Most of the laptops have the ability to turn on/off the built in touchpad. In some laptops there is a switch nearby the touch pad to control it.

But in some other laptops they provide a function key or a key combination to switch the touchpad on/off. These keys are not common in all model of laptops.

Some laptops using f6 for controlling touchpad. In some other laptop f3 and other f9. But all these model provide a symbol of touchpad on these keys. Most of these keys are associated with one key named 'Fn'.

Other models are providing a normal physical switch near to the touchpad to turn on / off it.

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