ComputerTips_Laiju: Create macOS Catalina Bootable USB Flash Disk (Without Terminal)

Create macOS Catalina Bootable USB Flash Disk (Without Terminal)

How to create a bootable USB flash disk for macOS Catalina? 

Why should you create a bootable macOS installer disk?
Download: Install Disk Creator
This Bootable macOS Installer can be used for a clean installation of macOS Catalina. If your macOS is corrupted, if your MacBook is not booting, you can use this installer disk and you can easily do a clean macOS Catalina installation. You don’t have to look for a mac service center. You can save your time and money...
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Here I don’t use the Terminal commands to create this bootable macOS Catalina installer. It is a very easy method and anyone can follow it.
We need a 16 GB USB Flash drive and a working MacBook for creating this bootable macOS installer. You can download the installer file in different ways. If you are using the mac AppStore, search for macOS Catalina. Click view. Then click on get.
Or you can directly go to system preferences, click on software update. Now you can see the current latest version macOS Catalina 10.15.1. Click the upgrade button to start download.
You can download the macOS Catalina installer dmg file from third-party websites also. For that, open safari, just do a search in google for Catalina macOS dmg file and you can see many websites are providing the macOS Catalina installer files. Download it and keep it in the application folder.
Now I will download the ‘Install Disk Creator’ application. Open safari and search for install disk creator. Open this link. You can see here how simple it is. Download this free macOS App. It is a very small file. The file is saved in the download folder.
After completing the MacOS Installer download, quit the macOS installer. Because we are going to create a bootable installer USB Disk.

After exiting the macOS installer, go to the application folder. You can see the downloaded macOS Catalina installer file. It's about 8 GB in size. Now insert an empty USB Flash disk with 16GB size. I will rename it as Catalina just for identifying it. Now go to the download folder and open install disk creator. Select the volume to become the installer. I will select the USB Disk drive named as Catalana. Now choose a macOS installer. The file is located in the Applications folder. So I will choose this file Install macOS Catalina and open. You can see the file preview here. Now click on Create Installer. It will erase all the data from the selected disk. Click on erase disk. Enter your system password and press ok.
It may take around 30 minutes to one hour depending on your system speed. It will format the flash drive and copy all the macOS Catalina installer files into USB flash disk. I will speed up the recording to save time.
Now the bootable installer has been created. You can use this USB Bootable Macos Catalina installer for a clean installation of Catalina on your MacBook and iMac. Press and hold the option key while powering on MacBook. Then choose Install macOS Catalina disk and continue the new clean installation.
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