ComputerTips_Laiju: Download Windows 10 iso File Latest And Create Bootable Flash Drive

Download Windows 10 iso File Latest And Create Bootable Flash Drive

Download Latest Windows and create a bootable USB Flash disk.
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Download Rufus:
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How to install windows 10? Definitely, we need a windows 10 installation media. Here you can download windows 10 media creation tool for free. But you must have a purchased windows license key to activate your windows 10. Here using this media creation tool, you can download windows 10 iso file. You can even directly update your windows from here.

Here I will show you how to download the latest windows 10 iso file and how to create a bootable flash drive easily using the downloaded iso image. You can use the application called RUFUS for creating windows 10 bootable flash disk. It is pretty easy. Just insert the flash drive and navigate to previously downloaded windows 10 iso image file. choose partition scheme and click start. It will automatically format flash drive and create a bootable Windows 10 USB Flash Disk.
After completing the disk creation, you have to boot from USB flash drive and you can do a clean installation of Windows 10 latest version.
Windows 10 1903 May 2019 version is the latest Windows 10 version till May 2019 and it has many features as compared to any previous versions. You can use an optional light theme, you have the option to pause windows update for a month period. You can use built-in sandbox feature and run a virtual windows 10 on your latest windows 10. You can test new apps and features. Download the latest windows 10-1903 now and install. Create a USB bootable flash drive and you can re-install your operating system at any time.

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