ComputerTips_Laiju: Rotate Screen On Windows 10. Best 3 Working Methods.

Rotate Screen On Windows 10. Best 3 Working Methods.

How to rotate screen on windows 10? 

Computer screen turned sideways? Windows screen upside down? Want to know how to change screen orientation?
It is very common to change computer display orientation accidentally while playing around keyboard. If the computer screen is rotated by 90 degree, 180 degree or 270 degree, you can't control your computer properly. How to rotate computer screen?

What are the shortcut keys to rotate computer screen?

to get normal orientation: alt+ctrl+up arrow key
to rotate 90 degree: alt+ctrl+left arrow key
to rotate 180 degree: alt+ctrl+left down key
to rotate 270 degree: alt+ctrl+right arrow key

You can also fix the display orientation problem by right clicking mouse. From the display properties, you can change the rotation to normal orientation.

If you are a regular uf alt ctrl keys, then there is a chance to accidently change computer screen rotation. If your kids have access to your computer, then also there is a chance to rotate screen orientation. They will play with keyboard and they will press hotkey combination to change screen orientation.

You can disable the hotkey options easily.
just open the display adaptor utility and change the settings to disable hotkey feature.

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