ComputerTips_Laiju: Turn ON WiFi | how to enable WiFi on windows 10

Turn ON WiFi | how to enable WiFi on windows 10

Learn to TURN ON Laptop's WiFi button. Your Laptop can easily connect wifi network after enabling your WiFi button. Sometimes we turn off our WiFi switch of the laptop while playing on the keyboard. There are some function keys to enable or disable the laptop's WiFi device. Usually that keys are located on function keys like f2 or f12. If the WiFi device is disabled, you cannot search for new wireless network around you. its pretty simple to enable the Wireless Device on Laptop. Simply tap on f2 key or f12 key. if it is not working, press and hold fn key and then tap on f2 key or f12 key. 
On some kind of laptops, the WiFi keys are located on the body. You can find it on laptops front, left or right side of the laptop. Just turn on wifi using that switch. you can find a logo icon of wifi near that wireless switch. Some laptops providing an LED indication on wifi button. red color indicates wifi is off or disabled. white or blue color WiFi button indicates, wifi device is ON and working properly.

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