ComputerTips_Laiju: Cant connect to this WiFi. Limited connection Error. Tips 2018

Cant connect to this WiFi. Limited connection Error. Tips 2018

Can't connect to this network Windows 10 Tips. 11 tips to solve any internet connection problems. limited access-cant connect to this network etc.
If you can't connect to the wifi network, check these 11 network troubleshooting tips.
How to Remove Saved WiFi Netorks:
How to Update WiFi Adapter Driver:
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11 methods to fix Wireless internet connection problem. Restart after each step.
No 1. Very simple. Restart router and computer. Just turn off your router and turn on after 30 seconds. And try to connect now.
No 2. Remove the previously saved wireless network from the computer. Video link is given in the description.
No 3. Make sure you have the correct password. If you are using Portable Mini Router, Check on the back cover for default SSID and password. Or, Use the menu button and info. For mobile hotspot, Check hotspot configuration settings for the password.
No 4. Entering correct password. Make sure you are entering the correct password. Use the preview button to View the text you entered. Don’t get confused with letters like capital i and small L. If you are using multiple input language, Check your current input language.
No 5. Make sure you have correct system date and time settings. If wrong, correct it.
No 6. Disable and Enable Wireless Network Adapter.
No 7. Updates Wireless network adapter driver using LAN or USB mobile hotspot. Watch video link given in the description to learn how to update wireless network adapter driver.
No 8. Run network diagnostics and fix errors. If necessary, contact internet service providers.
No 9. Reset network. Resetting network will remove all network adapter driver and install it again after restarting the computer. No 10. Reset mini router to its default settings and put default password of the router. You can find it on the router itself. For mobile hotspot, choose a different SSID. Don’t use Android AP or iPhone as SSID Wireless Name. (Remember, if you have ADSL Router, contact your network provider to setup router configuration)
No 11. Try using a new USB Wireless Network Adapter. Buy Best Quality USB WIFI using the link given below.
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