ComputerTips_Laiju: Add Watermark and Scrolling Text on any Video.

Add Watermark and Scrolling Text on any Video.

Learn to add your Watermark logo on videos, Add transparent text or transparent photo on your video, Add scrolling text. Cut-Join- Easiest way to edit videos. Amazing video editing application.

Using the software 'NCH Videopad', it is very easy to add text on the videos. You can add text as a watermark, or you can add scrolling text over the video. you can change the scrolling speed, scrolling direction also.You can change the transparency of your text or image on your video. You can add and even edit the sound tracks to your videos using this Video pad. You can save your project and you can export your final edited work in different file formats like MP4, AVI,FLV, MOV and many more. You can preview your work before you export or save.

Video editing Tutorial for beginners. Subscribe 'Computer tips_Laiju' for more videos

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