ComputerTips_Laiju: Dimension: Autocad 2016 tutorials for beginners Part 28-30

Dimension: Autocad 2016 tutorials for beginners Part 28-30

Dimension Autocad 2016 tutorials for beginners Part 28. Step by step autocad 2016 basic tutorials for beginners.
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There are many ways to add dimensions. you can use continues dimensions,baseline dimensions. there is linear dimensions, aligned dimensions, angular dimensions, arc length dimensions, radius dimensions, diameter dimensions etc.
When you hover over an object for dimensioning, the DIM command automatically previews a suitable dimension type to use. Select objects, lines, or points to dimension and click anywhere in the drawing area to draw the dimension.
The supported dimension types range from vertical, horizontal, aligned, and rotated linear dimensions, to angular dimensions, to radius, diameter, jogged radius, and arc length dimensions, to baseline and continued dimensions. If required, you can change the dimension type using command line options.

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